As we move on to a new week facing new realities of having protocols in place to re-think the way we interact with one another, here are a few adjustments to take into consideration as society come together to curb the out break and protect ourselves from one another: 

The world is not ending, you can go out and live your life mindfully.

It is the official duty of our elected government to do what is best for the general public whether you agree with it or however it may inconvenience your life. The self quarantines, closure of schools and public places is designed to minimize large public gatherings. It does not mean the world is ending and you should avoid leaving home. Staying home will likely further weaken your immune system as your body adjust to the segregation. 

Take this chance and get out doors! Spend some time with family or work on something that you have been delaying.

Nothing better than checking a todo off your list but as we get too involved with our work or our business, family time is sacrificed, take this chance to bring some value and create some great memories! We always wished for more time off or a break... well, here is your chance!

Support local!

Especially in this economy where every dollar counts, remember your local businesses who are opened long hours, work hard to be there when you need them, give considerations before you head out and think about creating a positive impact in your community!

Need fresh meats? Check out:

Fresh Produce? Check out:
There are so many local business that need our help, go out and make sure you show your support and all the service providers doing everything they can to make ends meet! 

 Listing a home right now:

Being patient and know that there is a lot of considerations affecting a buyer to make a decision right now.  Be prepared for a quiet few weeks as we see how far restrictions will go and how badly we will be affected.  Alberta is a good position where majority of our population are car dependent, this will help greatly to curb the interaction. Big businesses will enact a work from home policy and maintain travel restrictions but small business will have no choice. Business will go on and everyone will move past this.  Buyers are out there! While their search may be on hold but doesn't mean they are not looking. Be patient and I expect with spring around the corner, sales activity will pick up again!

  1. Feel free to set out hand sanitizer on the kitchen island for the visitors to use.
  2. As we are now more mindful of the environment we are in, a deep cleaning and disinfecting of your home might be wise to do!
  3. Removal of shoes at the door is mandatory and postings will be provided next week to all our customers to be mindful during showings.
  4. If you are seeing symptoms or is self quarantining, no harm putting things on hold! We have to work together to keep everyone safe!
  5. Wipe surfaces down again after the showing including door handles, locks and counter surfaces! 
  6. There's no need to panic, if you want to take the listing off or put things on hold, let us know! We are here to help!

Buying a home right now:

We are open and here to help! Especially those considering taking the search on your own. Working with one agent to represent you, we can help minimize the contact you need to put out and help you thoroughly vette the options before taking the time for us to look.  As a professional for you, we pride ourselves in having the knowledge and expertise to help you focus your search and eliminate any wasted time or missing any opportunities! 

  1. Get an update from your Mortgage specialist/broker re the reduction in interest rates! If you havn't done so already, lock your rate! You'll thank me later!
  2. Play the market! There's no harm in taking chances on a home you love. As sellers might be motivated due to personal or slower market activity, take the chance and let's see if we can make this into a positive advantage!
  3. Negotiations will take time! No one wants to make rash decisions, be mindful this change may be a trying time for many. Patience is the key in seeing the right opportunity happen!
  4. We will provide hand sanitizers and wear masks if preferred for your well being! We will always offer to shake your hands as it is good business. If you are not comfortable about it, let us know! We are here for you!

We are all in this together! Be mindful, stay reasonable and remain cautious, we will see this Covid-19 thing through!