What is a Home Market Evaluation?

A Home Market Evaluation is our first chance to connect about how your home would fit onto the Real Estate Market! We know this is a big decision for you, here are a key topics we would love to cover! Our goal to create the opportunity to have an open, honest communication and work together to find the best opportunity for you!

  1. Take an thorough tour of the home together
  2. Recommend any renovations that may be a worthy investment to complete
  3. Identify any repairs/maintenance items that would need to be completed prior to listing
  4. Review your situation together to see where how your needs and wants will relay to the sale
  5. Lay out key steps into getting your ready for sale
  6. Set realistic and honest expectations of us working together
  7. Outline the key differences of what we do to make your home standout with others in the market
  8. Review the homes sales process together and getting your home ready for showings
  9. Review the Listing Agreement contract including FINTRAC and Agency Relationship
  10. Take a look at your investment in our services (commissions) and what they cover
  11. Review the Offer to Purchase process and negotiations
  12. Answer all questions you may have to help make sure we are the best fit for you!

Taking the time to determine your Market Value

24 hrs prior to our meeting you will get an email with supporting notes for our meeting. Sales comparison would include:
  • Currently Active listings in your building or neighbourhood
  • Recently Sold listings over the last 12 months in your building or neighbourhood
  • Any expired listings over the last 90 days that may or may not be back on the market
  • Based on comparable price range & features, any Active comparisons within similar location/area of the city that a buyer may also look at
  • Recent sales over the last 6 months/12 months in the market to see what other buyers have paid for a home similar to yours
  • Recently expired options over the last 90 days that may present future competition
Our sales market analysis interprets the market data to determine realistically what we can expect when we put your home on the market. By looking at what our likely competition is, what others have paid or where others have failed we can gain a realistic idea what we need to do to help make your home stand out and get the attention you need to help sell!  

After our meeting, we will take additional time to review our notes again to make sure we have not missed anything prior to providing our opinion of what a realistic market value would be based on 3 recommendations:
  1. The HIGHEST Listing Price I recommend
  2. A FAIR market value that would match current market value and Days on Market
  3. A MOTIVATED, MUST-SELL 30 days or less price


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