Property Taxes

Each year, the City reviews how much money it needs to pay for municipal programs and services that are necessary to maintain and enhance Edmonton’s high standard of living.  This budget process allows City Council and Edmontonians to identify where the money is needed most and helps determine the budget to meet those needs. As part of this process, the City considers where the money to cover municipal programs and services comes from. One of the revenue sources for any municipality in Canada is property taxes.

To ensure that all Edmonton property owners pay their fair share of property taxes, the City follows the guidelines established by the provincial government and uses a property assessment process.  By legislation, the City collects only enough taxes to support its programs and services—it cannot collect more and it cannot collect less.  Ultimately, by paying your fair share of property taxes, you contribute to the financial stability of the community and support quality of life for which Edmonton has become known.

The City of Edmonton distributes property tax notices in late May every year and asks property owners to pay their taxes in full by the due date of June 30 to avoid late-payment penalties.

How adjustments are made at closing?

Your real estate lawyer will do the legwork to make sure all of the seller’s expenses are up-to-date, including their property taxes. If they are not, the seller will be required to pay them to the municipality. On the other hand, if the seller has prepaid their property taxes for the entire year, you’ll need to reimburse them a prorated amount, from your closing date to the day they’ve paid up until.

Where can property taxes be paid?

Property owners can pay property taxes through pre-authorized bank withdrawal monthly or in a lump sum once a year.
Business owners can pay Business Improvement Area (BIA) taxes in a lump sum once a year.

Monthly Payment Options

Annual Payment Options

  • Bank (including online and telephone banking)
  • By mail (cheque, money order)
  • In person (cheque, debit, cash, money order)

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