When is the Best Time to Sell?

There’s a wide mix of opinions when the best time to sell a home would be. Here is a break down for the differences of each season and how that may affect the value/saleability of your home!  Beside seasonal adjustments the best time really is greatly depending on you and what you want to achieve.  

Do you currently have an existing mortgage on your home?

Taking a look at when your current mortgage term is over can be a good starting point.  Depending on when your term is ending, mortgage pay out penalties and fees may play a big factor of when you want to move by.  

Is your current mortgage portable?

This may help make moving a bit easier as your current bank may look at possibility of honouring the current term rates for your new home. You may want to look at the option of blending your existing mortgage to your new one to minimize additional expenses.

When do you want to move by?

If your move has to work around family schedules, work or school, ideally starting your search earlier in the year is helpful for a summer move.  If price and value is a big determining factor, your search may take longer but won’t be as tied down to the seasons as you can take your time to find or wait for the right option.


  • Ideal time to list for many who wants to move into a new home for summer
  • Good time to show there is no water seepage into the home due to snow thaw
  • First wave of buyers start their search now
  • Benefit from the positive emotions of the season change
  • Prices are still reasonable before they increase month over month
  • Any garden work will show beautifully and fresh
  • Trades (window or roof replacements) are still open for bookings before high season
  • Great chance to show case the lack of water seepage with the snow melting
  • Interest rates changes usually happen in this season which may help or hinder the market


  • The time of the season where most families start the search with school off for summer
  • Full bloom of the yard best way to highlight the landscaping and deck
  • Weather usually best for most buyers to start their search for a new home
  • Property values are generally higher as sale comparisons are based on recent sales in the spring
  • Moving in the summer is more ideal than winter
  • Best to show of the view 
  • The green view of the river valley shows best at this time
  • Interest rates generally stabilize after spring market


  • You may a shorter window during this season as winter can come rather quickly
  • You can capitalize on the general peak in prices from the summer market
  • The fall red/yellow colour of the season can create a very unique perception of the home or view of the river valley
  • If there any summer construction projects happening, they should be wrapping up which may help show case your home better
  • Fall buyers are motivated educated buyers who have watched the market over the summer and understand value in the market place
  • Generally less “brand new” listings to compete with as listings may begin to slow down
  • The university/post secondary buying market is generally more active with the start of another school year (best for starter home/condos close to schools)


  • Sales activity drop seasonally but buyers looking now are generally more serious if they are going to brave the weather 
  • Single family homes may be easier to sell with elements like the roof, landscaping and foundation harder to view with the snow
  • May have less competition with not as many listings hitting the market

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