Choosing a Downtown Condo Specialist

One of the biggest reason I choose to specialize in the Edmonton Downtown Condominium market is the added value we can provide within our service offerings for all of our clients. This additional value can be difference in either getting you better value for your home, saving you time with more efficient access and delivery of condominium docs or the ability to clearly explain the value of your home in the eye of prospective condo buyers and sellers!  Here are additional value we offer over and above what others in the market!

  1. Understanding of each building’s value as it specifically relates to potential buyers and sellers in the Edmonton Condominium Market. 
  2. Insight on how future commercial, municipal or private developments might affect re-saleability and market value.
  3. Attention and exposure to our database through Instagram, Youtube and Facebook followers who are also passionate about the Real Estate market in Edmonton.
  4. Past experience with property managers, board members and developers that we can help provide a deeper insight about the project/building.
  5. Database of supporting condominium documents that be accessed to help answer any questions you may have about the building.
  6. Passionate about maintaining fair market value within each building without the motivation to “undervalue” a home for a quick sale.
  7. Valuable insight on current market expectations for potential renovations or investment opportunity.
  8. Rental potential for your home in comparisons to others in the market.

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