Yearly Maintenance Checklist & Condo Renovations


  • Test smoke detectors
  • Do a Deep cleaning
  • Replace HVAC filters (every 3 months)
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Clean garbage disposal
  • Unclog/deodorize drains (squeeze lemon)
  • Clean the range hood and filter


  • Wash outside windows and siding 
  • Clean gutters and downspouts 
  • Pump the septic tank (if you have one)
  • Inspect roof and chimney for any damage or leaks 
  • Get the Air Conditioning system serviced 
  • Turn off pilot light for fireplace
  • Apply pre-emergent to lawn Re-seal the deck, fence, and other outdoor woodwork 
  • Inspect driveway and other exterior concrete pathways 
  • Inspect your sprinkler heads, test the irrigation system and connect the garden hose
  • Spray for mosquitos and other bugs 
  • Check screen doors and windows 
  • Get your lawn mower blades sharpened
  • Clean Dishwasher and Washing Machine
  • Mop and wipe down your balcony


  • Get the grill ready for cooking
  • Replace Mulch
  • Exterior paint touch-ups
  • Check on the washer and dryer
  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Clean bathroom vent fans
  • Test your home alarm
  • Wash the trash barrel and recycle bin
  • Fertilize the lawn


  • Get Heating (Furnace) system serviced and Vents cleaned
  • Carpet cleaning to freshen up for winter
  • Schedule a chimney sweep
  • Put outdoor furniture and grill into storage
  • Mop and wipe down your balcony
  • Seal cracks on windows and doors
  • Turn off outdoor water
  • Winterize sprinkler system and Disconnect the garden hose
  • Rake leaves
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Clean out AC Unit
  • Test Sump Pump
  • Overseed and aerate the lawn
  • Ensure pipes are well insulated
  • Check attic/dryer vents
  • Clean Dishwasher and Washing Machine
  • Test your smoke/Co2 detector


  • Prepare for snow
  • Make sure your entryways are protected
  • Check on insulation
  • Protect your AC unit with a piece of plywood or cover
  • Turn on pilot light for fireplace
  • Insulate hot water tank
  • Pick up a good humidifier
  • Make sure steps and handrails are safe and secure
  • Install storm windows and doors
  • Remove window screens
  • Set heat to 20c or higher 

Renovations in a Condominium

The first thing to understand before planning a condo renovation is the relevant policies of your condo board. Your board may or may not have policies that affect cosmetic decisions or material selections, but most likely it will have policies about what days and times renovations can take place, when materials may be brought into the building, which elevator can be used and so on.

Not checking on these logistical details in advance can cause massive headaches later when trying to schedule deliveries or tradespeople. Your board may require a permit or approval to begin any form of work.

Policies such as these are in place to keep your neighbors happy, so overall they are a positive thing. However, they can slow down a renovation process, so you should give yourself a long timeline. Discuss a projected timeline with a knowledgeable board member and your designer or contractor, and then add at least two months to the timeline so your expectations stay realistic.

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