Initial Home Buyer’s Meeting

The initial home buyer’s meeting between you and myself is thorough consultation to determine the following:
  1. For us to learn a little a bit about you! Your past experience working with REALTOR® and current assessment of your life situation.
  2. Set realistic expectations of us working together.
  3. Go over the entire purchase process from start to finish including the home search, making the offer, conditions, terms and the closing process.
  4. Introduction to everyone on your “team” with a range of services including mortgage application, Home Inspection, Condominium Documents review and Lawyers.
  5. Take a deep dive analysis to determine your needs with your wants and identify some of the best options to start our search with.
  6. Complete a quick comparative market analysis on homes that have recently sold or expired to determine what a realistic True Market Value would be.

Get to know each other a bit better and discover the best way to work together...

We will take our time and get a better understanding how we can work together. We want this to be the time to help answer any questions you may have with your search. This is your search experience, we want to help show you what we can do to help guide you through this together! It is through preparation, understanding and open communication, our team is here to help set realistic expectations and help put together a plan to navigate through this journey.

What's the process at each stage, how will I know "the one" is really "the one"?

We will take some time to go over the process together. Whether it is your first home, your last home or looking at this as an investment, we want to curate the right resources and time commitments to help meet the goals we have set out together. From start to finish, we want to prepare you for the search, discover what homes work for you and what ones to avoid. We will help you "see what we see" by doing a search together! Let's select the best options to start our search with and see what other buyers on the market (6 months or 1 year back) have paid for a home similar your search so that we can better understand "true market value" and get an idea what a great deal would look like when it comes up!

You are not alone!

You've come to the very best place for resources to get things done! Found a home with the perfect layout, we can help guide you to the right contractor for renovations, need any changes done, we can help with the right Electrician, Painter or General contractor as you plan out your project.  Think of us early as the connector for Mortgage, Inspectors and Lawyers through out your home purchase process. We are here to help!

Preparation is key in the best search experience possible!

I would recommend having the following ready but not entirely necessary:
  1. Have the process of your Pre-Approval with a Mortgage Broker or Specialist started out.  We a few great people we would recommend here. Ideally knowing a budget to begin with helps us start in the right direction.
  2. A list of homes (MLS numbers would be better) that you want to start the search with. We will take a look at this list together to gain a better understanding what search factors are most important to you.
  3. Openness to ideas. While you may have a base of what you want, being open to other options will help us literally open more doors and help us determine where the best options lie.
  4. Set goals and have intention… we need to know where we want to go before we walk out the door. Setting up time frames you want to be in your home by or the ideal “deal” you want to see will help me better get you there!
Honesty and openness helps us set realistic expectations of your sale experience! We are here to help, let us know how and we will do everything we can to make it happen!

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