Buying a rental property can be daunting task! However through acquisition of real estate as incoming producing assets has produce countess opportunity to create wealth, manage finances, stable long term investment and if you take care of this asset well, it will take care of you in the future.  

  1. We look at rental investments as a customize solution for our clients the following way:
  2. We start with determining a goal you want to achieve (long term vs short term rental? purpose for its use?) 
  3. We then look at your experience, time to manage the asset, ability to take care of the home long term usage and term focused goals and possible value improvements?
  4. We will determine the best options that work, eliminate options that may not and ideally open your eyes to solutions that work for you!

We will then head out and execute the plan we set forth for you!

Recently, We had Brent Leah with DLC Mortgages break down 3 common questions he gets most often:

  1. What is the cashflow situation with my down payment and current interest rate? Can I cover the loss every month? Will this property be cash flow positive?
  2. Do you have reserve cash to protect yourself if an emergency in the property occurs, or if you can not find a tenant for 2-3 months due to vacancy?
  3. What mortgage product best suits your needs and the property needs? Do you require a HELOC? Based on your modeling do you require a fixed or variable? DO you want the peace of mind knowing what your monthly mortgage payments VS. being in a variable where the payment can decrease?

    The best investment is one that works for you. We are prepared, ready and able to listen and determine together the best plan for all your future goals!  Thinking of Buying or Selling your investment int he future, we'd love to help!